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Arni Kristjansson is a DJ, musician, Japanese-speaking tour guide and a photography + design enthusiast.

Born in Reykjavik in October 1981. During middle school in the mid-90s, he got into house music and took his first steps to becoming a DJ. 25 years later, he has amassed an extensive record collection from which he plays regularly. Currently focused on boogie and early (90s) house music.

He also draws, designs logos, dances like everyone is staring and dabbles in film photography. Lately, he hosted dance music events JACK THE HOUSE and Paradise Garage tribute night Paradísarskúrinn and he's currently working on becoming a better human being.

Arni Kristjansson

DJ Mixes

This is the Boogie Mixx archive, a complete collection of a series of DJ mixes I started in 2008. Each represents a year or two of collecting vinyl in Reykjavik, Tokyo and online.

Boogie Mixx (2008)

Boogie Mixx

I made the 1st one to impress the record nerds of the forums at SoulStrut.com. Represents the best of my collection at the time.

Boogie Mixx II (2009)

Boogie Mixx II

With the second installment, I focused on soulful boogie and funk from the early '80s. Lots of slower funky album cuts.

Boogie Mixx 3 (2009)

Boogie Mixx 3

Volume three saw more of the same as in the first two, but with a disco slant - as per the Change-inspired cover.

Boogie Mixx 4 (2011)

Boogie Mixx 4

Leaning heavier on the funk side of things (and focused on the 12"), this mix includes choice cuts from the early 80s.

Boogie Mixx 5 (2013)

Boogie Mixx 5

I spent the following two years since the last mix exploring the more romantic and positive side of boogie and funk.

Boogie Mixx 6 (2013)

Boogie Mixx 6

This mix is expanded my boogie search to other countries (mostly Italy and UK) as well as exploring higher tempos.

Boogie Mixx 7 (2014)

Boogie Mixx 7

The mission was to bring together as many disparate genres from the late 70s to the mid 80s. A wild 55-minute ride.

Boogie Mixx 8 (2015)

Boogie Mixx 8

I'd always shied away from the 7-inch but once I started I digging I found so many amazing songs to include in this mix.

Boogie Mixx 9 (2017)

Boogie Mixx 9

This mix contains the best finds of my final year in Tokyo and the beginning of my online collecting phase.

Boogie Mixx 10 (2018)

Boogie Mixx 10

The tenth installment adds brit funk and some 80's R&B vibes to the usual mix of boogie, funk and soulful disco.

Boogie Mixx 11 (2020)

Boogie Mixx 11

Back after two years and a heavy focus on the mid 80's, the 11th installment is filled with drum machines and good vibes.


Since 2008, I have released my DJ mixes for free for the world to enjoy. If you have enjoyed the mixes in the past, please consider donating so I can keep delivering quality mixes of obscure soulful music of the '70s and '80s.

These photos are tiny samples of my work from 2009 onwards, shooting mostly film in Tokyo and around Iceland.


Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition
Myndir í Lit Exhibition


Throughout my teens and into adulthood, I've always loved type. Starting with graffiti, I've usually created my own lettering and logos for projects.


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For DJ bookings or any other inquiries, please e-mail me at arnikri@gmail.com
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